Development of Windward Pointe

Developing the Vision

The development is a key element and major catalyst in the overall vision and revitalization of Muskegon. Windward Pointe is the link to connect Muskegon, North Muskegon and the entire Muskegon Lake Basin including Lake Michigan. Integration of the Lakeshore Trail, nearby neighborhoods, and water and land transportation.

Option 1

Deflected Streets & Beach Pool Resort

Option One offers a variety of ways to circulate throughout the site and connect with surrounding neighborhoods and trails, including routes solely or partially dedicated to pedestrians. The plan’s structure proposes a slight depiction of the north- south streets, mainly derived from the alignment of Denmark Street on the east. 

This deflection creates spatial interest at the pedestrian scale (“deflected vistas”) and slightly extends views across the lake. The proposed Main Street runs north-south from the Neighborhood Center on Lakeshore Drive to the lodging and entertainment district at the northern lake edge. The Neighborhood Center emphasizes the importance of the intersection at Lincoln Street and Lakeshore Drive, with a central green and convenience retail that serves both the new neighborhood and existing ones. 

Each corner of the plan offers a signature element, such as the lakefront Windward Pointe Park in the northwest corner, and another large waterfront park with a civic building in the northeast corner. Additional green spaces and boulevards are distributed throughout. A Senior Living facility is proposed in the southwest corner, across from the Muskegon Country Club. 

Last but not least the southeast corner is reserved for additional retail, including a gas station.options create gateways to downtown Muskegon and a broader town center region.

luxury resort

Option 2

Canals & Island Plan

Option Two explores the possibility of creating an island as a prime waterfront location, while maintaining enhanced internal circulation and external connections, including routes solely or partially dedicated to pedestrians. The southern end of the Main Street terminates on a Neighborhood Center with a fountain (patterned after the Lake Forest Town Center Green), Library, and Grocery (which serves the adjacent Senior Living facility and surrounding neighborhoods). The northern end of the Main Street in turn is anchored by a Chapel and the proposed relocated Ferry Terminal. An east-west canal, spanned by multiple bridges, along with the proposed lakeside lodging & entertainment district and an expanded Marina, provide greater scenic and recreation opportunities. Community facilities, clubhouses, and convenience retail are more widely dispersed, allowing different amenities to be in closer proximity to residents across the site.

Over water bungalows with steps into amazing green lagoon

Option 3

Lake Views Plan

Option Three offers a variety of ways to circulate throughout the site and connect with surrounding neighborhoods and trails, including routes solely or partially dedicated to pedestrians. The plan’s urban structure mainly is derived from a deliberate alignment of streets to capture views of the State Park across the lake. Similar to Option Two, the Neighborhood Center on Lakeshore Drive offers convenience retail in a Lake Forest Town Center layout with a central green. A short main street then runs southeast-northwest, terminating at a proposed pool and Beach Club. A proposed Hotel, rental cottages, and a civic facility line the eastern edge of the site, while a water park, glamping grounds, and a proposed Windward Pointe Park line the western edge. Last but not least, of the three options, Option Three proposes the softest lakefront on the northern edge of the site.

Scenic View Of Sea Against Sky During Sunset

Developers and Investors

Pure Muskegon’s primary interest in acquiring this unique property has been to accelerate the de-industrialization of the lakefront of Muskegon Lake and contribute to the continued and exciting revitalization of Muskegon. Pure Muskegon does not wish to be the sole ultimate developers of the property. Our value has been, and will continue to be, partners who can move this property through the government and regulatory requirements and complete the remediation to be able to achieve a property zoning that maximizes the opportunities for others. Our continuing involvement would provide similar benefits.

The property is unique. There frankly is nothing like it from the East Coast to the West Coast.

It is 3 hours from Chicago and Detroit and an hour from Grand Rapids. It is served by two airports in Grand Rapids and Muskegon. Muskegon Lake has a direct channel to Lake Michigan and is a deep water port.

The quality of life and recreation opportunities is outstanding – boating, personal watercraft, beaches, kite surfing, golf, fishing, luging, hiking, biking, cross country skiing, etc.

There are miles and miles of nearby parks on Lake Michigan – Muskegon State Park, Pere Marquette, Pioneer County Park, Lake Harbor Park, PJ Hoffmaster State Park, Duck Lake State Park and many others.   

The state, county and city governments are all active supporters of this opportunity and are keenly interested in this project’s success.


The property is eligible for Tax Increment Financing and also qualifies under the newly signed bill creating the Transformational Brownfield Fund among other incentive programs.

Learn more about the Brownfield Development Program.

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